Website writing

Traditional book publishing and the print media are under pressure from the Internet. The Internet now provides much of the information that formerly came from books and newspapers.

Where does that leave writers? Well, not entirely high and dry, as all websites contain "content", and writers are effectively "content providers".

Different approach

But writers have to take a new approach in this relatively new media. More than ever, they have to work hard to grab the attention of their readership, the web users. They need to make text simple, short, succinct and friendly.

  • Web users do not so much read pages as scan them. They are searching for information.
  • They search for what they are looking for in the first few lines. 
  • They look for links.
  • They have little patience for reading large blocks of text.
  • A cluttered page intimidates them.
  • Six bullet points is usually the limit.

There are plenty of websites with guidelines, such as the succinct one posted by the London School of Economics (LSE). This also links to the more comprehensive

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