Getting started

You can write

You can write. Everyone can write. You just have to get going. Be brave: commit pen to paper. Will you be a successful writer? Maybe not, but you can at least have fun trying, and enjoy the therapeutic rewards of creativity.

Don't wait for inspiration

Well, of course you've got to have a little inspiration to make you want to write. But don't count on it. It's much more important to build writing into your life. Make a plan. Write something every day.

500 words a day... 1000 words a day... 2000 words a day... It does not matter what figure you pick. Choose the most practical to suit you and your other commitments. Put aside the time, and do it.

On some days you won't want to. On some days it will all go wrong, and you will feel as though, instead of delicately crafting poetry or prose, you are writing with a chainsaw.

Ignore that feeling. Write on! Something will click. Something in your daily 500/1000/2000 words will be good: a line of dialogue, a new insight, an unusual metaphor. Maybe it will all be brilliant

You can always edit later. But you can't edit if you haven't created the raw material to work from in the first place.

Be true to yourself

Write what you know about. Write about what interests you. Write the kind of stuff you yourself would like to read.

Create a space for your writing

Some people write in a shed at the bottom of the garden. Some people use the spare room. Some people just need a special armchair. It does not matter. You need simply to find a place where you are comfortable and can concentrate undisturbed.

What you are doing here is creating the mental space – the most important kind.

No excuses!

Writers are famous for doing everything in the power to avoid writing. It is called "displacement".

Mow the lawn, wash the dishes, read a story to the children, spend more time researching on the Internet... put off writing until tomorrow, when you'll feel fresher and more inspired.

No! You have to write. Do it!

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Debra 3 August, 2011

God bless you

Esther 21 January, 2012

I'm afraid of getting started though the inspiration is there

mentus 2 July, 2013

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